Friday, April 11, 2008


So I was trying to get the kids to clean up their rooms tonight. These last few weeks have been a very giving relationship. You give me the time I need to paint, I'll give you full run of the house. It worked great. But now it's time to un-run the house.

The kids were acutally cooperating and not complaining really. A lot of playing in between picking up, which is much better than pouting or arguing! So as my kids clean their room, anything that doesn't belong in their room they put in the hall outside their door (I have no idea why, or where they go this ingenious idea). Getting them to realize they still have to pick that up and put it away is a little harder of a concept. "But it isn't mine" is the common utterance. Well tonight I even got them to pick all of that up. If that is picked up, we can finally see the bottom layer of things-they-don't-have-to-pick-up.

The garbage

I don't know why, but they don't think they have to pick that stuff up. They throw it back on the floor when they realize what it is. So tonight, Bug picked up a piece of paper to see what it was. Decided it was not needed and threw it back on the floor. This was a paper he used to play with that day, and no longer wanted. I asked him what it was. He picked it back up and said "garbage". Then get this... he threw it back on the floor. With me standing right there. Um, hello? The conversation went like this:

"Why'd you do that?"
"It was garbage"

"Who do you think is going to pick up what you just throw on the floor like that?"

The kid didn't even blink an eye. Yup. Lets just say he didn't leave that paper on the floor too much longer. Lets figure out why there's no picture with this post. Hmm, I have a feeling it wouldn't have been to pretty!

So I'm not really mad though (okay, I was a little steamed at the scene of the crime but am doing much better now), more just flabbergasted. Really? He said that? To me?

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Fun with the Franklins said...

My kids do the same kind of thing. Is they have a wrapper or some other type of item that belongs in the trash, they always hand it to me--"Here, Mom." What am I, a garbage can? I have started telling them "I don't want that" and that they need to hold on till we find a garbage. Just add it to our list of driver, maid, cook, nurse, and garbage collector!