Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rushed into Insanity


So Friday night around 7pm Matt and I bought tickets to leave for Connecticut. Our flights left at 6:15am the very next morning. This meant we had to find someplace for the older two kids to stay for the weekend, and pack for us and our youngest for this quick 3 day trip. Wow! I didn't know that could all happen so quickly. Lets just say we have some really good friends and family who we owe big time!

We flew into NYC and then drove the short hour to get to southern Connecticut. It's a whole different world up there. We thought we had some idea what it might be like (Boston-ish?) but were in for a huge shock. Little town meets New England, meets rural, meets the ocean, meets old, meets money, meets lots of roads, which then meets some of the the friendliest people. Ever. Realestate in Connecticut is insane. They said the only comparable market is San Fransisco. WOW! This isn't a good picture below (we had a hard time finding roads we could stop on to take pictures, without blocking the cars behind us) so this is all we could got. Yea, we're not too happy about this. But these homes are atleast $900,000. Atleast. They were in Fairfield, which is where many want to live, so they may be over 1 million. Yup. There's some cheap houseing for you! If we were ever to live there, you wil not see us in one of these. We will be in more of a glorified trailer way more inland, where we can affored the 1500 square foot box we would live in!


Okay, so I do have to tell you about my favorite time we had. I absolutely loved it. We met some friends in New Haven(?) area and went to a little restaraunt called Bills seafood. First let me tell you, in Connecticut they don't let the chains come in, so all the places are little ma and pa restaraunts. This is a good thing. Usually this means good food. It also means atmostphere. We had both. We pulled up to this little shack-ish place which was packed. We were lucky to find someplace to squeeze in our party of 7. We ended up right in the middle of the room. There were booths all along the outside walls, and a bar in the middle of the room. The tables were found someplace inbetween. Upon taking our seats, the live music shows up. Bills has live music every night on the weekend. Now these guys were some 70 something, up there rocking out some bluegrass. They were actually really good. How they fit in there, I don't know because I thought we took up the last of any space in there, but they fit. The best had just begun however. Once the music started, this couple in their 80s (atleast) who began dancing with eachother. There's no stage or dance floor. No. This was dancing between, around and through the tables. This is something this couple did every weekend! And it didn't take long before others started to join. I'd like to say I got out there, but no. I was too busy enjoying Ase out there. Once she caught on to what was going on, she went and found the lady sitting at the table behind us, with whom she'd been playing with all night, and pulled her up to dance. So the two of them went around the restaraunt dancing with eachother. It was so fun. The whole scene was like something out of a movie. It was crazy. No, it was wonderful! These people genuinly were happy, and loved to have you there. They actually loved having kids around. Instead of getting scowled at every time our kids didn't act like a little adult, we could have tables rolling in laughter every time Ase pulled a funny face. It was all just too much! Why can't we be more like that?

I realized, it's not the streets, or the houses that make it quaint there. It's the people. They are what make it what it is. And that's the best way to have it.

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