Sunday, January 24, 2010

pitter patter, drop

That's how it all started today. Just a little here and there, and then whoosh right back into the down pour we seem to know all too well here. Some days I welcome this weather. I actually enjoy it. But today, no. Not so much. Maybe it was dragging three kids out to the car to get home from church. Maybe it was the darkness that came with it when I was already so tired, but didn't have a husband to help relieve the responsibility. Maybe, it just wasn't supposed to be a rainy day in my mind. But thats okay. It rained, it poured, and we all survived. Just please let there be sun tomorrow! (that and i can finally start editing some photos i've been dying to get to. That always makes for a happier day!)

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Becki said...

Rain, rain, go away! I completely hear you. There were floods like crazy around here. Today was a little better, no sun, but no rain either!