Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last of our kids

Poor thing is always last! So this catches us up to date. Yay! Here are the last three weeks of Ase. Lets see if I can actually get THIS week without missing any days! And I promise to not bombard you with these constantly. After this you should only see these every Friday.

* and just to clarify for all those poor confused souls out there... this is my 365 project, and the other one is my 12 on 12 project. I know. A little bit of the same things all at once, so I'm sorry! The 12 on 12 is more just for fun, and for me (one day, 12 pictures). The 365 is something I'm actually going to make the kids books out of, and it's really only for them (a single picture every day of the year). Although I'm sure I'll appreciate it more than they will! So you'll have to bear with me while I do both of these projects. I really wanted to take on more that would make sure I picked up that camera every day, and document the smaller things. So why start small... just start them all! haha. I think that's my new theme this year. Home projects, service projects, photo projects, school projects -why start small... just start them all.

Bring it on 2010!

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Becki said...

What is that phrase, oh yeah, "You go girl!" Loved every single picture. :)