Tuesday, January 12, 2010

it's all in an outfit

I know. I've disappeared.

Trust me, I've been looking.

I think I found myself though. And I was back into these clothes. My painting/staining/home improvement "outfit". Maybe not attractive, but looks good to me. So many things on the list that are finally getting crossed off. Stairs are nearly done. Halls painted, pictures hung. Basement light fixed, under counter light fixed. 4 light switches and an outlet changed out and repaired. Garage cleaned out. Christmas nearly down. Girls room reorganized. Closet getting overhaul. If you showed up, you'd still think I was mia. The house is torn apart. But it's good. It's okay. It's has to get worse before it gets better. At least, thats the way we do it around here. That's the way I do it. There were way too many things I wanted to getting working on and felt like a bird looking for the perfect worm to start the day. So I didn't pick one. Instead, a bite of all I see. I'm just starting a little in all of them. Crazy backwards, I know. But there you have it. If you're lucky enough to find me, I might look like this. Don't be scared. It's still me. And hopefully, I will be back soon. This attire is exhausting me.

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Katie and Dave said...

we drove up southlake this weekend and saw your christmas tree lights still on and I thought hmmmmmmm where is she? So how funny was this post.... :)