Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Missing out, but second best

Two of the biggest photographers in the children market put together this workshop called Learnfest. A 3 day workshop. I wanted desperately to go, but it didn't play out in the cards for me, and it looks like this will be their last one. :( However, I was able to get my kids in to be models for their workshops. Ase took one day, and the other two the next. Just being there those few hours 1-made me sick I didn't go to the whole thing, 2- so inspired I was grateful just for those two hours 3- determined to talk them into just one more workshop! Aside from just getting to watch these amazing women in action (which for me was the best part) I'll also get some pretty amazing photos of the kids. Yay! Tamara Lackey is one of the photographers, and has actually posted a few photos from the workshop. Just a small preview of what's to come! You'll have to check out her blog to see the pictures she has up! The first is actually me there holding the reflector, with Nutmeg and Bug sitting in the grass. Tamara is the blond closest to them. I'd say the one with the camera, but you'll see, there's not just her. A little intimidating to have 20 cameras aimed at you! If you scroll down further you'll see 3 of Ase and under that 2 of her and me (I was not supposed to be in these... and was rather embarrassed I didn't get ready.. but I'm so glad they threw me in there!). Then down toward the bottom we have Nutmeg. LOVE that last one! One day I'll be there... you'll see! The other photographer is Audrey Woulard. If you haven't heard of either of these, and you are in photography I think you're hiding under a rock. They are the stars in the industry. I'm waiting to see if she posts anything and I'll let you know!

And since I can't post without a picture..
this was for my class. The theme was lost. I ended up really liking it!


Katie and Dave said...

OMG. I LOVE THOSE. I LOVE the one of Ainsley hugging you. AND can I just say, you are so so so dead when Mckenna grows up because that girl is GORGEOUS. The boys are going to be ALL OVER her. Those are awesome!

Lillian D'Ann Miskin said...

Those are awesome! Well, if you didn't get ready for those pictures then it is dang lucky that you are naturally gorgeous!!! I like your "lost" picture too. Cute.

Becki said...

I must be hiding under a rock. I need to read more! I'm going to go check out the pics now. Oh, and I like this picture too. Very cute!

Becki said...

Wow....she's good. It helps that your kids and yourself are gorgeous!! Seriously, those pics are so cute! :)