Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finding ourselves. Yet again.

So this was a happy Labor Day. Yup. Actually, it wasn't all bad for the weekend. Just on the actual Labor Day itself. Our car was broken into, and my purse and Matt's wallet were both taken. Luckily we only had $40 in cash in there... but, once again we had to close all accounts, and again, we lost who we were according to the world. No license, no bank accounts, no credit cards. And it was a holiday, so we really couldn't fix anything until the next day. It was not fun. And insurance really isn't going to help, since it won't meet the deductible. So here we are again. Same place we found ourselves just over two years ago with the break in of our house. So someone, please tell me.. do we have a target above our heads I just can't see, or what?

There were 6 other cars who were hit (we were at the sub pool), and get this. One poor guy had just had this happen to him 2 weeks ago, and it happened again that day. I think it sucks worse for him right now. How do you explain that one to insurance? "Yes, yes I know... I'm an idiot." Poor guy.

The good thing is, we did get to hang out with family that day. So it helped to relieve a little of the stress. Ahh. Happy flippen Labor Day.

So this week has been filled with sick kids, one at a time of course. Lets drag this out as LONG as we can, and reclaiming who we are. I think we've finally arrived. Again. Can we please stay for awhile this time? Please?

So here is some window glass (i had no clue it really looked green)... which let me tell you. Flies in all directions. So it appears. And also the weapon. So nice of them to leave it for us. Now if only I knew where their car was...


Michelle said...

Yuck! No fun at all, I'm so sorry to hear that!

Katie and Dave said...

That blows!
I hate that for you!
What is up with windward????

likeschocolate said...

Sorry to hear about your car getting broken. I had a luggage piece stollen from our hotel room.
No, I don't think you have a target over your head. I think these things just happen.