Sunday, April 19, 2009

A splash of Easter dye

Hi, I should probably re-introduce myself at this point. None of you are going to know who I am! jk. It has been a long time though. I think I'm in a camera downer. I have always struggled with learning the technical aspects of the camera, and now.. if I want to get better I really have to. I've figured some out. Enough to slowly improve... but not enough to get where I want to be. So not being where I want has kind of squashed that picture taking bug. I know it's only temporary. I'm already starting to go crazy NOT taking pictures. So bear with me while I get back into myself. And since it's been awhile, I have so many make up pictures to add. Here are some of Easter egg decorating the night before Easter! (why oh why can I never remember until bedtime the night before? One of these times it won't be a late night project!)

first the coloring

then some dye

and eventually the final product!


Becki said...

You took these at night? How;d you make them so bright with out looking washed out? Theya re really good Diana, seriously, I hope you feel like taking pictures more soon, because I love looking at them! Did you you your attachable flash? Oh, and the picture with you...Matt should put a copy in his wallet, it's very cute!

Becki said...

okay, so I really need to pre-read before I post a comment. Sorry about the bazillion type-o's!

Likes Chocolate said...

WOW! There were a lot of post. Love the crayons on the eggs. I should have let the boys do that, but I am too much a control freak. Note to self* I need to let go more. Fantastic photos above. Great Job!