Friday, March 6, 2009

A few years away

Okay, so I actually do know this is more than just a few years away, but I might have caught a glimps of what Ase is going to look like at, oh say around the age of... 80? Matt had this wig and the glasses from some skit they had to do at a work function (-and he thinks I get to just play all day?? ) and I talked her into putting them on. Once on though, she couldn't get enough of herself in the mirror, and actually WANTED me to take pictures of her. It was hilarious! So there you go. A good look into the future. I hope I look that good! :)


Michelle said...

That is hilarious! Do you have any pictures of Matt in them? :D

iNdiaNa said...

don't i wish! It might be a little to close to home to be funny though! ;)

Becki said...

Look at her posing! What a little model. I have to say, it's cute, yet eery at the same time.