Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Something bright for a dull day

It's been amazing here lately. Remember back when I was loving the grey days? Well, we've had grey days ever since. In fact, last Saturday we had tornados, as you probably already have heard. 14 of them to be exact, and still counting. Yup. But I think they sucked all the sun out of this place along with the warmth. We are at a couldy 63 degrees today, which is chilly for this place right now and tomorrow has more thunder storms in tow. Last Easter we were outside taking easter pictures on the green grass next to the green plants in the warm sunny weather. I think we'll have to get more creative this year. And I told Matt I didn't want to move to Seattle for the lack of sun! I guess we really should enjoy it while it's here though, because in a couple of months we are going to be BEGGING for that cooler weather to come back! On the bright side though, look what I was still able to find. Looking at this it doesn't seem to gloomy after all does it?!

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