Friday, March 7, 2008

Perfect and perfectly Grey

Today really was one of those perfect days. Not because of what was there, but maybe because of what wasn't. Many times I kept finding myself just sitting out on the front porch and just being. Not anything in particular, just being. Days like today seem to almost always bring these feeling out in me. Nostalgia. Who knows what for. Something in the past, or something in the future. Or maybe, it's just nostalgia for the exact moment your are in.

The sky was grey. Really grey. There wasn't any color to it. Even the clouds took on a hue of grey, with enough contrast so as not to blend in with the sky. Any they were traveling very quickly to wherever they were going. But it didn't seem to matter any, because there were always just as many to follow behind and fill the what would have been left as empty sky. Down on the ground there wasn't any wind at all. It was calm, as if everything were in a deep and peaceful sleep. The air was moist and cool, but not at all cold. And the ground stayed wet all day, although barely a drop of rain fell upon it. In the distance you could hear a low rumble. Distant enough to make you wonder if it was just a plane passing through, or maybe it really was thunder after all. It was all perfect!

I tried to take pictures, because I just didn't want to let this moment pass. I wanted to be able to hold on to it. But Grey with grey with grey just doesn't translate the same on film. Unfortunate really. I did come up with a couple I liked (the first one is one of my favorites), but there aren't many. Maybe if I really knew what I was doing with the camera I could have come up with something cool, but it is what it is! Either way, I love these days. And to top it all off, inbetween my wanderings on the porch outside, I cleaned. I really cleaned. Bleached most of the house down. It felt good. Half the main floor is done. Tomorrow I will conquer the rest. Too bad there's supposed to be snow. I think I might enjoy another grey day to go along with it all. Sigh. -but that's a content sigh non-the-less! Funny how much the weather really can and does affect us "weather" we like it or!

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