Monday, March 10, 2008

One last cup?

It was just one of those days. The days where you don't do anything.


It's now way past bed time and the only thing I've done today is feed the kids 3 meals. I won't say they were great meals. But they were meals. No showers. No baths. No getting dressed. No cleaning. No venturing outside of the house(heaven forbid someone saw me like this!). No answering the phone... unless you're one of the lucky ones. Nothing. Lets just say I can count the things done on one hand. So what made this day turn out like this. I know we are the ones that are in control of how our days go. So why did I choose this today and what does it mean? There has to be something hidden deep in me that would explain this. It would be nice to know, so I might learn how to possibly avoid these days.

I can't imagine all the things I could do if I were one of those ultra motivated people. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones who have 7 kids, a job they work from home with, the time to volunteer for everything, manage to have a to-do list with only 3 items on it, showered, worked out, eaten 3 full meals, and will still have sex before they go to bed. Hair and make-up always look great, they never forget a birthday or appointment, and will call you back withing an hour of leaving them a message.

Nope. That's not me. You aren't my friend because of any of these traits. You are my friend because, well... I'm me. I do have a day or two where I pull this off, but that's all I can manage. That's okay. I don't know that I'd want that life. I just wish I knew what caused these days. Maybe I'll try to figure it out tomorrow. Or maybe not. It'll be awhile before I get that far down on my to-do list! Until then, I'll be the one who knows how to sit down to a cup of hot chocolate, the final one until next winter, and not feel guilty about it. Anyone want to join me? No guilt here, just a good relaxing time of doing nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Until the next day of nothing - enjoy.

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nicole said...

Please can I join you.........I woke up today and wanted to have a day EXACTLY like your day!! I at least can read about it so thank you for that. I am the person you are taking about and I am ready to change. In some ways I guess I wish for that when I move. Wishing for simplicity and all the busy, busy to go away. I hope I don't do it to myself. I won't have anyone walking in on my nothing day:) I love you and thank you again for sharing!!!