Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bubbles and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles

Have you ever seen those bubbles that don't pop? They have some type of plastic in them, so when you blow them, they don't pop like the regular bubbles do. They form their bubble, and stay there. They will stay for days if you leave them alone. You have to actually poke one, or smash it to get them to pop. They are great. My kids absolutley love them.

Especially Ase.

She loves that she actually able to catch these ones. So being the good big brother he is, Bug asked if he could blow some bubbles for the girls. "Sure" I replied, glad to have them entertained while I did the dishes. Next thing I know, Ase is repeating "Uh-Oh" in a very concerned fashion. I walk out to see what is going on, and could do nothing more than grab the camera... then the vacuum. The entire rug in the family room was covered with bubbles. I had a hard time getting any pictures with the lighting in the room, but you can see there are more than just a few here. This is what the entire rug looked like. It was crazy. Luckily I did find out the white film they leave behind does vacuum up. Otherwise we'd all still be sitting there picking it out. Whew!

The best part about the whole thing though, is I snapped this picture of Ase. I love her big brown eyes. It's hard to capture what they really look like, and I think this might have done the trick!


Michelle said...

I think she is going to look just like you when she grows up. Lucky girl!
Where do you buy your bubbles? I have never been able to find them anywhere.

Becki said...

Ooooh! So pretty! Let's see, Nutmeg for Logan and Ase for...well, we'll let her have her pick. She might even have three to choose from, the third might be little young though, but some girls like that. :)

nicole said...

I love, love,love this picture. What a beautiful girl!! I have never even heard of bubbles like that. I want some:)