Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's worth it!

Today started out just like every other day, my husband gone to school while I was at home with the three kids. Trying to wake up from our late night out, and still manage to make breakfast and get everyone ready for church was on the "to-do" list. Not something that's too hard to do, but something that's hard to do with grace, at least for me. I am not a morning person, to say the least. I really don't enjoy the mornings at all. Unless I am able to get up and sit on the back porch, with a cup of cocoa, listening to the birds... with no one else around; well then, you can keep the mornings. I just don't do them. I don't talk, and I definitely don't enjoy. But after eating a slow breakfast with the kids in the entirely to cluttered of a house I have right now, my brain started to kick in. I started forming my "to-do" list in my head. At one point I went searching on the counter for my notepad where I usually write out such lists. The dishes, sweep up the last three days of dinner under my one-year olds booster seat, clean the bedroom, get my sons homework done, go to church... my mind just kept spitting them out. How many times have I ever completed a list that I write? Never. How many times do the dishes, laundry, and shower (yes if I don't put this on there, then many times I just don't get one) end up on the list? Every time. So I started thinking about this list obsession I have. Why? Most of the things on the list are the same day in and day out. And it doesn't take an Einstein to look around the kitchen to realize, "Oh, the dishes need to be done today". Besides, who's to say the dishes take precedence over the toilet? Why the laundry and not the diaper pail? Then to the question, why do I write any of it down? Today is Sunday. It's supposed to be the day of rest. And I don't mean rest, as in laziness, but rest as in not cleaning your house all day. You have six other days to worry about that. So I didn't. I actually tore up the list and threw it away. The kids took an hour bath; because they wanted to. I took a forty five minute shower; because I wanted to. We had dinner out of a box; because I wanted to have more time with the kids. And what did we do with that time? We sat down and watched a movie they had never seen. We sat there with an entire bowl of popcorn and watched a movie until well past bed time. In fact, we didn't start the movie until bed time. But you know what. I don't care! I'll probably pay for it and be cursing by the time tomorrow afternoon hits full force, but I don't care. I was able to spend time with my kids. They grow up so fast, and everyone always tells you they wish they has spent more time with their kids; that it was gone before they knew it. So why don't we then? I would hate to say that I missed out on all those precious moments because I was too busy washing the dishes, or cleaning the toilet. I know I can't do this everyday, or the state may come in and take the kids away from me **lol** but I can do it just this one day a week. A day that is supposed to be devoted to our Lord and Saviour, in which I can't think of something he would find more appropriate. So maybe tomorrow when I'm tired of listening to under-slept whining kids, I'll be able to read this and remember that there was a reason.... and it was worth it.

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