Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love this time of year

For so many reasons. It's fall, and that is enough right there. But I love the holidays that are right around the corner. By this time, I also feel like we've started to get our grove in school and all the accompanying activities. We've got our flow. But I also love the fact that one of my best friends ever gets to come and stay at our house for a week. She bring her brood of 4 kids with her, and we just do nothing but hang out. Love it! And of course we go to Burts pumpkin patch with her. I do think it's a little unfair that her kids get an entire week off of school for fall harvest. Really? It's fall here too. Right?

Well, I actually didn't take many pictures of anything important while she was here. I had just gotten a new lens however, so I just shot tons of... whatever was around. So here are a few of my kids. I will say, not much turned out since I was just goofing around and trying out what the lens could do, but I got a few worth keeping in the files anyhow. And don't mind that they are mostly of Nutmeg. She is never cooperative with the camera, and she was hogging it the entire day. So what can you do, but just go with it!

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