Thursday, February 18, 2010

yes, we did have snow and I never showed you.

Okay, okay, so it wasn't quite tomorrow, but I'm here now. I'm back. It's been a busy couple of days. We are putting in new carpet Saturday, (yay!!!) so I've been emptying out all the rooms upstairs. It's a strange task. I can't decide if I want to spring clean EVERY little nook and cranny, if I want to paint, or if I just think I need to put it all in boxes and move. We've been in this house longer than anywhere else, and so it's a very forgotten but familiar feeling of having the empty rooms. The ones with the kids sleeping on their mattress on the bedroom floor and nothing else in the room. At all. They echo again. I want to say I'm more than half done, but I doubt it. The fullest, messiest room is last. The toy room/office. All those toys... two desks... no fun! Man Matt has it easy traveling all week like he does. Come home Friday night just in time to say good job. 4 rooms isn't bad though, right?! I still have tomorrow. :)

So anyway, the infamous snow here in the ATL. Everyone else has their pictures up, but not us. I got tired of feeling left out, and wanted to share. It was my kids favorite day EVER. Really. They've prayed for snow every night since. Maybe should move. But do you see that snow??? It made me SO homesick. That was Utah snow right there! Big huge flakes. The kind you can make snowman out of. Have snowball fights, and have stick around for two days. Oh, I really did love it! And this first picture. I love that too!

Here's Ase and I on our way back home. She was too cold to really "sled" but managed to love running through the snow covered field.

Helping Nutmeg get back up the hill after a run down.

Think she's having fun at all? Didn't think so.

Throwing snowballs at me. Turkey.

Yup. This is why I called it "sledding". Should it be lidding? Just doesn't sound right. That and no one but us Southerners would possibly know what I'm talking about.

Okay, maybe one of my faves. She was having a snowball fight with Matt. Can you just see the fun factor written all over her face?
And I LOVED watching the kiddos build their snowman (well, and then two more for the neighbors!)


Michelle said...

My mom always called us Turkeys growing up. It was funny when you called Dillan that. What beautiful snow if only I could love it as much as your kiddos do.

likeschocolate said...

It looks like they had a blast! I know mine did.

Grannie Wright said...

This is Michelle's mom. I like to look at snow pictures. I think they had some fun.

Grannie Wright said...
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diaTphotography said...

Grannie Wright, thanks for the comment!

The "J" Team said...

So pretty! I wish we still lived in Vegas too. It would have been so fun to see you. What conference are you going to?

neva lia said...
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