Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Enough just isn't enough

Do you ever have those days where you just feel you need more of something? But you don't know what it is? Today was one of those days. I just couldn't figure it out.

More of a clean house (which is usually all it takes for me to feel better)? Nope, tried that and still felt like I was looking. Like I was hungry.
Talking to one of the people who usually always makes me smile? Nope.
Worked on the computer? Caught up on every blog of everyone I know? Payed bills and finished all the HSA forms? Got more sleep? Took an extra long shower? Organized? Read? Spend time with my husband? Time without my husband? Shopping? Clothes? Food? NOTHING???

I just couldn't figure out what it was that felt like I needed more of. This constant almost starving feeling for which I couldn't fill the appetite. Somehow amidst all this I was able to get out the door to our church's youth group, which I work with. And funny thing, it filled me up. I was content and happy. It seemed to be exactly what I needed. But then I got home and was back to that same starving feeling. Then it hit me. There was a great spirit at the activity. And of all the things I tried.... to fill my spirit was not one of them. Sad. How is it that sometimes the most basic and important thing is the forgotten one. I hate that I can be such a slow learner. So here's to adding fuel in the right direction. Besides, I won't go broke or gain ten pounds on this one. ;) Hopefully I won't be so hungry by tomorrow!


Becky said...

Diana, I love how you wrote this! I myself was in your situation a few months ago. I made a decision then to wake up early, read my scriptures, and get fully ready for the day, ever since then life has been beautiful! It's funny what a few small decisions and the Spirit can do to fill one's soul.

Becki said...