Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 5

So I was going to talk about something a little more interesting, but I didn't have anything more interesting. Today was a nothing day for sure. I did get to go to school and help Nutmeg in class... which I usually love... but had a hard time staying awake. It was cute, but not the same. Tried out some unsuccessful shopping. Watched a lifetime movie over lunch, and napped when the kids got home from school. Poor kids. Thank goodness they don't mind playing instead of doing homework. They were a little confused when it was time to go to bed and I told them not to worry about homework, but I think they were okay. ;)

So instead of waiting to post this tomorrow, and telling you some great story about today, I figured I'd keep it real. There was no story. I'd probably still be in my pj's, if it wasn't for me going into the school. I have to get going tomorrow. You should see what this place is turning into. And the fridge. Impressive! So glad we have the food storage we have, although I do realize we could NEVER, ever live off it for too long! Ahh, one more thing on that list to do.

Instead of words for this week, since it would be rather short... here's the pictures instead. Imagine they were great, wonderful days full of fun and adventure. We'll leave it at that!


likeschocolate said...

Isn't funny how we never just treasure these ordinary moments. I know I don't but am starting to realize I just miss them when they are gone.

tash faye said...

I love you guys! Chris told me how to find your blog and I love reading it and seeing the pictures of the kids. I miss you guys so much!

Becki said...

These are fantastic! I love that you are keeping up in this. Your kid are really going to love these forever!