Thursday, October 15, 2009

where did the sun go?

it's been hard around here to stay motivated. the sun has disappeared for quite awhile now. we saw it for a few, and then gone, yet again. but today will be good. i'm making it good. who needs the sun anyway (besides all living life forms. i'm not talking about them). i have my list of things to get done. and they will. well on the way already. this isn't a huge overly developed list. i tend to do that and fail before i can begin. this is attainable and doable. must be done. so here i go. and i'm leaving all blinds and curtains shut. why? so i can just imagine the warm sun out there. maybe that will help. i guess on a good note, it's not dumping rain right now!


Becki said...

I though about posting something with the grey sky just this morning! How funny. I love M's hair in the picture. The sun shining through looks very cool! Good silouette (or is this back light, I never know the difference!)

The "J" Team said...

I feel your pain. It's snowing in Utah! I miss the sun too.

Damon Darais said...

Diana, you are very talented...never new. You have some very cool photos.

Take care,