Friday, January 23, 2009

swapping kids

(*if you're looking for the pictures that used to be here of "miss C", they've been moved to my new photography blog.. so check it out there! Or just follow the link on the top right. Either will get you to the same place!)

NO, I don't want to swap kids really. (And please make sure you read that as swapping and swatting. Completely different!) I just do on Monday and Thursdays for a few hours. It's a great break, and it gives me a chance to go and volunteer in at Bugs school. So Mondays I send little Ase off, and on Thursday I gain one or two. It works great. It's one of my good friends I swap with, so there is no stress, and besides... we get to hang out a bit after the swap. It's been great. Oh, and she has 3 kids all roughly the same age as mine, however all girls. Not that that has stopped anyone.
All the kids love to play together regardless. So yesterday when I had the girls, I just couldn't help but try taking a few shots. My kids are so sick of me trying with them, it's getting to where I almost have to beg. So it was refreshing and these girls crack me up! They are so hammy in front of a camera you couldn't get just a frozen smile if you wanted to. I love it. It is a lot of fun, and in the end there are a lot of really fun pictures, and a lot that.. well...get sifted through!

So anyway, I just had to post of few... so now you know what my Thursday's are full of!

(again, check out the new blog for those photos)


Mich n Dan said...

Your pictures always amaze me. I bet the occasionally swapping is fun, and plus it is always good the hang out with friends.

Likes Chocolate said...

Adorable! My kids can model for you anytime!!!!

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

HI, this is Joanna's sister Jackie. She told me to check out the pics and they are so darling!!! I miss those kiddies so please post as many of them as you can... Or tell Joanna to get with it and start a blog! I've tried and failed with her.

iNdiaNa said...

Thanks Jackie! I agree, she should start a blog instead of making me her slave labor!! *wink* I've got more I'll hopefully post sooner than later. I'm actually going to start a second blog for all the pictures I take of others. I'll of course let you know when I do!