Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"so beautiful and happy"

In this dress, Nutmeg said she feels "so beautiful and happy", and really wanted me to take some pictures of her in it. Outside. It was cold. I mean, it's only January! So we headed out into the small patch of sunshine we could find. Usually you try to stay out of the sun, but this was the only way we could tolerate the cold. She wouldn't wear a coat. Of course. And, she really wanted Ase in them. I don't need to remind many of how well these two work together. Lets just say the whole experince was.... interesting. But she really wanted these photos, and it wouldn't be right if I didn't share in her hard work. So here it is!

(yes, that is ase's foot in the way, and yes, nutmeg pointed that out immediately. taking it personal of course. but anytime I can get a genuine smile, in a photo of that girl, then its a keeper.)

(nutmeg was trying every trick in the book to get ase to smile!)


DeeAura said...

Hahah! Ah, that first one with Ase's foot in the corner might be one of my favorites there! They're so funny! :)

Michelle said...

I seriously need you to take pictures of my kids.....when I have some =]

nicole said...

Your girls are so so cute! I love your photography.