Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This poor girl of mine. We went in for her yearly, and of course had to get shots. Just two. Just two. Lets just say she doesn't handle the doctors so well. She had to have a CT scan once and they actually had to get three drugs in her, just to calm her down enough to get the IV in. Well, yesterday wasn't any better. All those spots on her face... that's not picture there, those are popped blood vessels. Nice. Very nice. You should have seen what her face looked like after the CT scan. This is nothing! Anyway, it took 3 of us to hold on to her, and we could have used more. Every time we have to do shots of any type, the nurses always impressively say she is the strongest 5 year old they've ever seen. I should be proud. Right? At least I don't have to worry about her with the boys. I KNOW she can take care of herself!

It cracked me up though. She really wanted me to take pictures of her, and she had to do her hair herself. There were green clips of any type she could find, all over in her hair. It cracked me up. And then she'd pull all these funny faces, trying her best to do her "Hannah Montana". How could I say no? So after her modeling, we went downstairs to watch her first viewing of High School Musical. I just couldn't do it before then. I'd seen it once, and couldn't stomach another. But for some reason, maybe just because I was watching it with two very intrigued girls of mine, it wasn't so bad. I think we're gonna have fun over the next few years!

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DeeAura said...

Oh, HSM. I won't lie - I buckled down and saw the 3rd one...THE most entertaining movie of my life. It was me and about 4 of my friends and every 9-year-old in the world. I laughed at all the wrong parts (according to them) but had the time of my life. And your girl is STYLIN with those clips!!! :) Such cute kids. Really. :)