Thursday, December 16, 2010

hEr cHrISTMaS pROgrAm

Loved how she was too shy to even get on the stage for weeks as they practiced. We had to bribe her with a reward chart just for getting up there. But once she did, she had no problems when it can to performace day. She didn't just go up there, she sang every song and waved a ba-jillion (as the kids how much that is.. I'm not sure yet) times, with a big smile! So stinkin cute! Don't worry though, my camera was acting up again, and we had no flash. So here is the super power of my ISO. Not great, but got the job done. And then a few after the program. She is such a ham. :)

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tash faye said...

haha I love her. What a little cutie! :)