Wednesday, December 9, 2009

waivering in belief

We had an unbeliever here. We decided we had to do something about it. When posed the question, must felt to leave it that way. But there were still plenty, us included that just couldn't. Not this year. Besides, the risk of it becoming a trend in the home was far to great. So we were on a mission. The very next day we woke up to a small miracle. A package had been dropped down our chimney. Once discovered, the excitement in the room was very contagious. Santa? Sure enough. :)

He left us an elf. Someone to keep an eye on things, since the big guy was getting a little worried. So "Nicholas", as he's officially been named, will be tracking things. Every night he flies home to Santa to report what he's found, along with any secret whisperings he's been told throughout the day. Then before you can wake up, he's back. And hiding in another spot. Or causing trouble of some sort. You never know with these guys. That smile just says they're up to no good. The only rule is, you can't touch him, or the magic is gone. So the kids are very careful to keep a safe distance. And you what? I think it did the trick. ;)

(photo of Nicholas still in the box. Courtesy of Bug)


Anonymous said...

what a great idea.

Michelle said...

Love it! Very clever!